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Image by Ellen Qin

HELM Systems was formed in 2005 in South East Florida, as an independent game development studio. Through the years we have evolved from a games-only independent developer to a fully fledged production house of interactive software applications, targeting a plethora of industries and solutions.

Throughout our long and traveled road, we have released games, including 3rd person action and VR, while currently having a dark fantasy action adventure as well as an open world RPG in our production pipeline, all based on our proprietary IP The SoulKeeper®.


We have built interactive customization and visualization applications for the aerospace and architectural industries, interactive museum exhibits, virtual conferences with fully interactive booths and environments, pixel streamed live concert prototypes, and much more, targeting multiple platforms that include PC, VR/AR/XR, gigantic interactive touch screens and video walls, to mention a few.

Part of our work, through our long history, has been documented on both print and online international mainstream publications, including IGN, PC Gamer, PC Action, Kotaku, UploadVR, Aviation International News, while we are proud to have had our work recognized, especially in the form of an IGF (Independent Games Festival) Award Nomination and an Epic Games Unreal Dev Grant reception. We have exhibited our work at countless events, GDC, E3, PAX, NBAA, ChinaJoy being some of the most notable ones.

Our long experience with both the Unreal Engine -since its first generation- and the entire interactive/game development production pipeline, combined with our passion for creativity, makes us an ideal partner to anyone interested in having developed any interactive solution, from fun experiences to serious academic and simulation based applications, regardless of size, scope and ambition.

We are a multinational and multicultural team, able to operate in a multitude of time zones and markets.

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